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3 living rm.JPG (162787 bytes)

Living roon inside cabin


kit table & bar.JPG (120776 bytes)

Kitchen area of cabin


cabin.JPG (548286 bytes)

Front of cabin in


Outside and trail pictures

lake from road.JPG (3368182 bytes) 

Driveway running along lake

lake  boat.JPG (3376158 bytes)

Another lake picture

fishing.jpg (208235 bytes)


 Marsha and Susan on trail.jpg (222582 bytes)

Riders on a trail

down the trail.jpg (223719 bytes) 

Enjoying an afternoon ride

Frying_Fish.JPG (217186 bytes)

Frying Fish

Pictures of area attractions

 Our Lady of the Barrens.gif (55438 bytes)

Our Lady of Barrens

 National Shrine Our Lady of the Miraculous Meda..gif (29721 bytes)

National Shrine - Our Lady of Miraculous Meda

 Southeast Missouri State University.jpg (36243 bytes)

Southeast Missouri State University

 Train dinner.jpg (20803 bytes)

Inside dinner car of steam engine

 Train Coach Car.jpg (15462 bytes)

Coach car of steam engine

 Steam Engine.jpg (19928 bytes)

Front of steam engine

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